CUB Energy Saver is like having your very own 24-hour energy expert whose only job is to slash your home’s utility bills—for free. It’s the latest money-saving service from the Citizens Utility Board (CUB).

Save Money!

Sign up to create a personalized energy-savings plan that recommends specific actions and calculates exactly how much money and energy you can save. In 2010, CUB Energy Saver helped Illinois consumers cut their utility bills by more than $114,000.

Earn Rewards!

Your money-saving actions will earn you more than just lower bills. You’ll also get points redeemable for thousands of free and discounted items at some of your favorite local businesses and national retailers.

Get Results!

Enter your ComEd billing information and you’ll get e-mail alerts tracking your progress. See firsthand how your plan is impacting your power bill.

Win Prizes!

Individuals, communities, and groups are eligible for great prizes—like free electricity and up to 10,000 Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs.

Open to All!

Unlike other energy programs available through South-East Asia Center, the CUB Energy Saver program is open to all ComEd customers regardless of income level! Sign up now!

Get Started Now!

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