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Pre-K to Elementary Child Development Teacher

Are you interested in cross-cultural bridge building? Are you open-minded and interested in learning vanguard approaches to education as well as being creative yourself in teaching? Do you live to work rather than work to live? If you are still with us, with all unreserved yes’s, you will find South-East Asia Center (SEAC) a rewarding place to work.  

SEAC (“SEEK”) is currently offering a teaching position with a classroom of mostly S.E. Asian and some N.E. African 6-8 year old elementary school children. The position involves teaching full 8-hours days some 82 days of the year (summers and school holidays) and some 172 part days from 2:30 PM until 6 PM. You are charged with creating timely full-blown lesson plans carrying throughout the year, however, for the 68 long days these plans will, of course, be quite substantial. We follow an annual curricular theme.

Our cross-cultural strategy is unlike that of most schools, but much more positive and constructive from our experience. You must decide before you accept this position that you would feel comfortable in teaching in this unfamiliar fashion, as building bridges is SEAC’s mission and motto. Do not fear; our strategies are quite logical and empirical in their basis.

We are a medium size center, but with a homey small-center environment. We take our work very seriously, work hard and expect new staff to do the same. We take pride in the “good work” we do in terms of both helping others and the quality of that work. Most of our teachers work on a professional basis that means extra commitment beyond regular work hours for lesson planning, home visits, parent meetings, room arrangement/ maintenance, teacher meetings, etc.

During the 172 or so days of part-day teaching, you will have a second assignment for the other roughly half day. SEAC will work to match your skills and interests with the many aspects of what we do at SEAC to help people in need. Some of our teachers have taught ESL, provided social services to immigrants, worked in our adult day care, Pre-K or toddler program, performed accounting or architecture duties, done gardening, health care monitoring, cooking/shopping, carpentry, landscaping, childcare intake, etc. We have some 14 programs and many support services where we have needs that we will discuss with you. But you must be as responsible in this aspect of your job and enjoy this aspect of your day as much as the elementary teaching part. Please include in your cover letter some hobbies, college minors, pass-times that might translate into that first-shift of your job.

Qualifications: include at least 18-30 credits in the field of elementary school education, ability to write and follow a lesson plan, ability to manage a classroom with up to 20 children with or without aides or a classroom of up to 30 with at least one aide, or to work as a co-teacher as needed. Must be willing and able to work with 5 to 12 year olds (as needed) and in classrooms with mixed ages. BA or MA with education major or minor (with adequate credits) required. Position requires a high level of reliability (minimal days off and with advance notice) and ability to work during public school vacations/ holidays other than seven major SEAC holidays.

Job duties involve assistance of immigrant children in one of SEAC’s five elementary-level classrooms; planning and implementation of small-group or whole-class educational activities indoors and out; at least one home visit per month and one teacher staff meeting after regular hours. Teacher is responsible for classroom clean-up/ arrangement/ reorganization at end of day. Must be willing to read meticulously, digest, implement, and adhere to CPS, IBoE, DCFS, QRS, and SEAC standards. A high level of professional responsibility and quality of work is expected.

Compensation: Depending upon academic qualifications and experience; SEAC’s teacher salaries are on average slightly higher than those of other childcare/ child development centers in Chicago.  Benefits are generally somewhat higher than average for organizations of our size and type.

Please email cover letter, resume, transcripts and salary history to


Additional Salary Information: Compensation commensurate with credentials and experience.




South-East Asia Center does not discriminate in admission to programs or treatment of employment in programs or activities in compliance with the Illinois Human Rights Act; the US Civil Rights Act Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act; the Age Discrimination Act; the Age Discrimination in Employment Act; and the US and Illinois Constitution.

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